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Underwater images from around the world. Several of these have been used by conservation groups such as the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, etc

Sharks on the Roof!! – New Years Day in Hong Kong

Happy New Year from Hong Kong…… Whilst many were likely nursing hangovers, we were checking out a tip off received from a friend. The tropical climate of Hong Kong is often very humid, yet the cool-dry winter days with clear skies are proving irresistible to the shark fin traders, who are using every square inch […]

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Gary Stokes PhotoART for Sea Shepherd

The first three designs roll out of the Sea Shepherd ships from Operation No Compromise. The Bob Barker “Silent Hunter”, The Gojira “Interceptor” and the Steve Irwin “Stormforce”. These are limited editions printed on satin finished aluminium with a float mount which gives them a stunning and vibrant look. The first of Bob Barker images […]

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Fiddling with the Fiddlers

Spent the morning yesterday, baking in the midday sun, watching these fascinating little guys come out and play on the mud-flats. The common English name “Fiddler Crab” comes from the feeding of the males, where the movement of the small claw from the ground to its mouth resembles the motion of someone moving a bow […]

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Paddle For the Planet 2011

Invited to help photograph the first “Paddle For The Planet” which is held globally. To get a little more of an interesting angle I decided to try and get run down by the flotilla setting off from the beach in Deep Water Bay, Hong Kong. Great turn out, and a wonderful day.

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