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The “Reportage” section is not so much a reflection of my photography, more so an issue that needs to be seen.

Plastic Beach Day 7

Well I really don’t know quite where to start, what a bizarre day! Morning started with Tracey, Kevin and I heading in to town for a meeting that I had called with all involved in this plastic disaster. I was growing tired of the usual nonsense that goes on when dealing with governments, where no […]

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Plastic Beach Day 4-6

Well it’s been a hectic few days and sleepless nights, hence no blog! On Friday we met with Senior Management of Sinopec who came over for a meeting and we took them to inspect some of the affected areas. I cannot stress this enough, SINOPEC are going all out to assist in whatever way they […]

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Plastic Beach Day 3

Rain didn’t stop play, as we trudged back out over the rocks to meet with Team Grey of the FEHD dept. They arrived with a boat and removed the 170+ bags (approx 80 full) from the rocks. The most amazing ladies, over 70 years old and stronger than an ox, they had away with the […]

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Plastic Beach Day 2

Well the day started off with research into Sinopec Petroleum. Their websites “CONTACT US” page is blank, and after trying to speak with them, both Tracey and I were hung up on! Not quite the Social Responsibility that they so heavily promote on their website. After several more call to the local media we had […]

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Plastic Beach

After the recent Typhoon 10 that hit Hong Kong a few days ago, a grim discovery was made by Tracey Read on Discovery Bay’s North Beach. A total of thirty 25kg sacks of Pre Processed Plastic [Raw Plastic in small pellet form also known as Nurdles] was found washed up on the beach. Sadly 11 […]

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