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The “Reportage” section is not so much a reflection of my photography, more so an issue that needs to be seen.

More Images from Sea Shepherd – Operation: No Compromise 2010/11

Here are more images taken from the recent Anti-Whaling Campaign in the Southern Ocean. 88 Volunteer crew from 23 countries set out to shut down whaling in Antarctica. After 6 years of growing success, this year the dedicated, passionate crews reduced the whalers quota to 10% of what they were hoping to kill. The Sea […]

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Sea Shepherd – Operation No Compromise Highlights

On December 2nd, 2010 the Sea Shepherd’s put out to sea. Their mission was to confront and shut down the illegal whaling operations of Japan. With a self imposed “research” quota of 1035 whales, the four whaling ships met with overwhelming resistance from the activists, who harassed their operations and drove them out of Antarctica. […]

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The Sea Shepherd’s meet the “Tree Shepherd’s”

After the most successful anti-whaling campaign to date in the southern ocean, the Sea Shepherd’s visit fellow forest activists making a stand in the old growth forests of Tasmania. The old growth forests are being completely wiped out to make paper for China and Japan.

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Manila Hostage Memorial March – 29th Aug, 2010

A former Philippine National Police officer took a bus carrying a Hong Kong tour group hostage. The twelve hour ordeal ended in a bloody shoot out that resulted in 7 hostages being killed and seven more in a critical condition after a failed, bungled attempt to rescue them by the Philippine SWAT team unfolded live […]

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