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Hong Kong – My “Bladerunner” Home

Back in the 1980′s when Ridley Scott was directing Bladerunner, he based the look and feel of the fictitious city of the future on Hong Kong & Tokyo. After being here for 20 years, I can see why…

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Fan Yang aka “The Bubble Man”

Fan Yang is a bubble artist. He has earned international acclaim as a result of his complex displays of bubble theatre. Fan Yang has broken bubble-related world records on numerous occasions. Yang has a show in New York called the “Gazillion Bubble Show” and has appeared on many TV shows including Oprah.

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At a recent event I had to shoot in Macau, I captured this beautiful pair of salsa dancers, who were performing behind a backlit screen. It really helped show the true passion and feeling of salsa! Erotic, sensual, fun and energetic.

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BA celebrate 75 years of flying to HK

Spent the day covering this event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the first British Airways flight from London to Hong Kong. During the event, models displayed the many uniforms that BA cabin crew have worn over the decades. These were all flown in from the BA Museum in Heathrow, London. Also tying in with this […]

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