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Monthly Archives: March 2011

More Images from Sea Shepherd – Operation: No Compromise 2010/11

Here are more images taken from the recent Anti-Whaling Campaign in the Southern Ocean. 88 Volunteer crew from 23 countries set out to shut down whaling in Antarctica. After 6 years of growing success, this year the dedicated, passionate crews reduced the whalers quota to 10% of what they were hoping to kill. The Sea […]

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BA celebrate 75 years of flying to HK

Spent the day covering this event celebrating the 75th anniversary of the first British Airways flight from London to Hong Kong. During the event, models displayed the many uniforms that BA cabin crew have worn over the decades. These were all flown in from the BA Museum in Heathrow, London. Also tying in with this […]

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Sea Shepherd – Operation No Compromise Highlights

On December 2nd, 2010 the Sea Shepherd’s put out to sea. Their mission was to confront and shut down the illegal whaling operations of Japan. With a self imposed “research” quota of 1035 whales, the four whaling ships met with overwhelming resistance from the activists, who harassed their operations and drove them out of Antarctica. […]

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The Sea Shepherd’s meet the “Tree Shepherd’s”

After the most successful anti-whaling campaign to date in the southern ocean, the Sea Shepherd’s visit fellow forest activists making a stand in the old growth forests of Tasmania. The old growth forests are being completely wiped out to make paper for China and Japan.

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