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Plastic Beach Day 3

Rain didn’t stop play, as we trudged back out over the rocks to meet with Team Grey of the FEHD dept. They arrived with a boat and removed the 170+ bags (approx 80 full) from the rocks. The most amazing ladies, over 70 years old and stronger than an ox, they had away with the 25kg sack in no time over very slippery rocks even with a full Tropical Rainstorm Warning in effect. Great job FEHD!

After sending out a Sea Shepherd Hong Kong CALL TO ACTION, requesting all ocean lovers in HK to get down to their local beach and search for white sacks and report back, I received a message that some pellets were found on Peng Chau and also possibly Mui Wo. So of I went to get the inter island ferry, but alas, as soon as I got to the other side of Discovery Bay we discovered more bags on the Nim Shue Wan beach. A beach that was sack free the day before! Walking along in a torrential downpour I found another 40+ bags, just on the first beach.

Tracey then received a call from Senior Management of Sinopec who called as they wanted to come out and meet with us and inspect the bags and sites. They arrived believing we had 30 bags, and were genuinely shocked when we told them the numbers had grown somewhat to 250+.

Big thankyou to SINOPEC for taking the responsibility and coming out immediately. They kept saying sorry, sorry, sorry! This is not their fault at all, they sold the pellets to someone who obviously lost them by accident in the Typhoon 10 we just had. The worst storm in 15 years! Even though this is an accident, they should be the ones coming forward to assist with the clean up. SINOPEC are limited to what they can do, and took all batch numbers to run and find the current owner so that we can all follow up. We then took the SINOPEC guys to the beaches where we found even more bags!!!

Quote of the day: “I bet that one even has your name on it!”…….. (Gary to one of the SINOPEC managers upon discovering a white sack buried in the sand)

Mr. NG - August 4, 2012 - 2:41 am

We just see this web-page on 2012-08-04, I feel very upset, anything we can help?(everything)

Mr. & Mrs. NG

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