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Plastic Beach Day ???? (They’re all rollin’ into one!!)

 After finding the 5th Container last night, we decided yesterday that we’d take a friends RIB out and go and check out a hot spot of nurdle activity on Lamma’s East coast. In the taxi we received a call from Marine Dept asking me to check the co-ordinates I had given them as their patrol vessel could not see any container at the location given. My heart dropped…… had I screwed up or could the container have floated off with the tide over night? We urgently launched and fueled the boat and sped off at full speed towards Beaufort Island where we had spotted the container from the heli. We reached the entrance to the bay to find a MD patrol vessel standing by, we drove straight past and into the bay, too anxious to stop. And there it was, our little beauty!! The container was about a foot underwater, but clearly visible, thank god!

After they documented it, we bid them farewell and off they went to co-ordinate with the salvage vessel. We decided to get in the water and document the wreck and see if there were are full bags we could rescue and move to high ground…..nothing but hundreds of empty white bags, undulating in the underwater current.

After collecting nurdle samples we headed off to East Lamma making a quick check of Sham Wan where Roz of Living Lamma had reported 30 bags. There were still some bags visible on the beach and we have notified FEHD who assure us they are being collected soon. Then we headed to what I have dubbed the “Nurdle Ground Zero”. Due to the rocky coastline I couldn’t moor the boat so dropped Tracey  off ashore and she went to document. I could see from her face when she returned she was shocked. When I downloaded the Go-Pro, I was too.

Our theory is that the 6th Container must be very nearby. For such a concentration of pellets, the source (container) must be nearby, otherwise they’d disperse a lot more. With the rugged rocky coastline, and after seeing what Mother Ocean can do to a 40ft Steel Container, Container 6 would have been pulverized, and the base is probably lying just offshore somewhere. Anyway that’s our assessment, we may be wrong and it may turn up somewhere else.

Today we spent the day catching up on correspondence, editing footage and getting images out to those who have requested. The media are finally picking up on it, and we believe so are the Government. We hope to see some serious action in the next few days.

I also received a call from Ocean Park, offering us assistance in any way they can. This is much needed and we hope that other NGO’s will also give us a call and pitch in.

There’s plenty enough disaster to go around, and we need all the urgent help we can get right now….

Leo Wong Ting Yuen - August 3, 2012 - 6:53 am

Hello! I am a working staff of EcoAdventure Travel Ltd and we undergo environmental education and keep promoting eco-life during the process of ecotours to schools, community centres and public.

Our guides and volunteers would like to offer help to pick up those plastic pellets on the beaches. What sort of work can we help?

Leo Wong

Christine Ho - August 3, 2012 - 8:30 am

Can you pls advise where are the 4th and 5th container? As we will be filming the plastic pellets and hopefully the containers as well on Monday. Many thanks.

Melvin LEE - August 4, 2012 - 7:34 am

Hi guys,

I feel so sad that what a plastic pollution in our beautiful Hong Kong Shore!
May I suggested using some kinds of industrial grade vacuum clean machine to suck up all the stuff?

tra - August 4, 2012 - 8:49 am

Hi Tracey,

Can I help to move the nurdles please?

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