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Day god only knows…..It’s all rolling into one…

Spent the past few days conducting aerial recon flights with the GFS (Government Flying Service). Some of the most professional pilots I’ve met, and the nicest! GFS have been operating 3 recon flights a day monitoring the coastlines and searching for the last container of pellets. On the 9th Aug we covered Peng Chau, Chi Ma Wan, far west Lantau and the Soko Islands. Yesterday we covered the East Coast of HK down to Shek O, across to Beaufort Island where we buzzed the WWF team that were operating there. Then off to Po Toi, Waglan, Tung Lung and Clearwater Bay before returning back home. Upon touch down I rushed to the waiting taxi and joined Tracey, my brother and son before racing to Aberdeen to pick up the RIB again.

We headed out in choppy seas to Beaufort Island where we met up briefly with the WWF HK team accompanied by Sinopec and two of their Industrial Vacuum Cleaners and Mobile Generators. Managed to catch up with Dr Andy Cornish who was busy giving the rocks a good going over with the vacuum.

From our visit last week, the beach has been transformed thanks to WWF HK who have done a fantastic clean up job. We were still finding nurdles 4 meters up the rocks.

Quote of the day ” I just love the sound of them going up the tube!” …..Dr Andy Cornish, WWF HK

Headed back and then spent evening editing and making info maps for the cleanup crews. Tomorrow is another big day as we enter the weekend and cleanups are organised across Hong Kong.



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