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The PLASTIC REVOLUTION is in full swing

All photos ©Gary Stokes

What a crazy couple of weeks. Haven’t even had time to post anything to the blog!! Been flying recon flights with the GFS trying to locate the 6th Container, still no luck. We visited the fish farmers several times and spoke with them in detail. They had fish with pellets for a few days, but these fish have since died, and there are no more nurdles for the stock to eat so he is finding less and less.We also had the privilege of a UK film crew that are making a documentary movie on the plastic oceans that will be out next year, as well as constant FB updates, maps, updated maps and updated-updated maps. We now know almost every beach and rocky inlet along the HK coastline, and more importantly, we know where the nurdles are, and as importantly are not!!!

The one element in this incredible universal jigsaw puzzle (containing the HK Gov’t Depts, a collection of leading NGO’s and a State Owned Petro Chemical Company SINOPEC) is the Hong Kong people and the amazing spirit that can only be found here around the Fragrant Harbour! The shear determination and commitment to get the job done has been astounding. We have seen families with members as young as 2 and as old as 82 (maybe older). We have corporations calling daily, a football team, banks, clubs and many more groups of people who want to help out and CLEAN OUR BEACHES.

It started because of nurdles, however it’s grown much bigger than that now. People are coming to remote beaches they’d never have been too, seen the beauty of our wild Hong Kong and seen the trash. I had someone laughing after finding a toothbrush and asking, “how the hell did that get here?” EXACTLY…….people are now starting to question why and how. Why are we trashing our nature world, and how the hell did our trash end up here?

The PLASTIC REVOLUTION has begun, and I am so happy it has started here, in our beloved Hong Kong. The world is watching, and we will set an example for others to follow!

I also had a proposition this week from Tracey. Not that kind of proposition!!!! Tracey has asked me to join her in establishing her new NGO called and I was very flattered. Our initial team of three for the Plastic Disaster (Tracey, Kevin & I) worked well, as we each had something to bring to the table with different skill sets. Moving forward to the next stages of the pellet clean up and beyond, I look forward to taking on the battle against plastic side by side with Tracey who I believe will make a massive difference, and with the help of the Hong Kong Government, Sinopec and all the other allies we’ve made we stand to make history together with you all, but we will need your support!


Guga - August 22, 2012 - 2:01 am

Hello there, you are really doing well, best wishes for you guys. I would love to do the same in the country I am from, but it needs a time to organize, which I don’t have:( good luck

Stephan B. Reisig - September 7, 2012 - 9:04 pm


The Dutch Super trawler Margiris should go to the Pacific Ocean to clean up The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and several other plastic-islands with its mega-nets!!!
Afterwards it transports all this scooped-up plastic to several relatively nearby plastic-recycling-factories, which transform all the plastic garbage into re-usable products.
Financed by Shell and other mega-oil-companies (+ international Crowd-Funding )! The profit-margin of the owners of the Margiris won’t diminish and it wil serve the public interest for a change!!!!
And it will set a good example for other mònster-mega-trawler fishing companies around the globe. Nobles Oblige !!!

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