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Another Weekend on Pellet Patrol !

One week is rolling into the next as we enter the 5th week of the Plastic Pellet Spill cleanup operations. This past weekend we were conducting clean up operations in the Chi Ma Wan peninsula area with Eco-Marine and Coordinate4U as well as the mighty force of Lamma Corner/GreenPower who brought another ferry full of beach cleaners over to hit the beaches in a large way!

I was providing safety/first aid cover from the RIB. With so many people, spread across so many isolated beaches even the logistics of getting everyone to the beach with cleaning equipment and food/water was a challenge, however everyone just got on with it and up until now I haven’t heard a single person complain.

Between ferrying people and supplies back and forth we also checked out the rocky areas between beaches, nudging the boat into rocky outcrops and deploying our spider sensed Merrin, who with the grace of a gazelle leaped from rock to rock checking for pellets. We found another two full sacks, each containing 1.1 million pellets that won’t be getting into the environment.

The commitment of the volunteers again ceases to amaze me as they toil in the baking sun cleaning our beaches and saving marine wildlife with every pellet they remove!!

With my boat based in Aberdeen it is a long journey to Chi Ma Wan, so I made plans for the weekend…..but that’s a separate blog post!!!!


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