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Discovery Bay Marina Turns Away Conservation Boat

During this entire cleanup operation I have been amazed at the generosity and understanding of the people. Everyone has bent over backwards to help wherever they can with whatever they have.

But sadly this run of good will had to reach an end…and it did when we went to the Discovery Bay Marina Club!!

Knowing that we’d be operating in Chi Ma Wan area, and having our boat based in Aberdeen, this would mean long journey’s, lots of fuel and most importantly time wasted when we could be where the boat is needed the most. So for this reason, I decided as a DB Resident, to call the Discovery Bay Marina Club to see about leaving the boat overnight in the safety of their marina. Sounds perfect!

I called and asked about leaving the small 5 meter RIB overnight for Saturday. I explained that we were part of the cleanup operation for the pellets and that we needed to have the boat closer to where we need it. “No problem,” said the guy on the phone, “we have plenty of space!” With a typhoon in the area, I asked that if it goes up to a T3 would we be able to stay for Sunday night as well, because the insurance for the boat is not valid if we take it out in a T3. Again, “absolutely no problem!” Just dock the boat and come up to the front desk, bring you license and registration as well as copy of the insurance he told me. I said we’d be arriving at about 5pm on Saturday! Sorted.

So all booked up, we had a great day of cleaning in Chi Ma Wan and returned to DB Marina Club as specified just before 5pm. This is when we are told that we cannot stay the night!!

When I asked why? I was told “because T1 and our policy is no visiting boats if the Typhoon signal is up!” I explained that I had called and made a booking and we’ve now driven all the way from Aberdeen to stay here!

Sorry, club policy! You cannot stay. I asked them to call the manager and ask him, whilst I called everyone else, Hong Kong Resorts and DB City Management. Neither would overpower the ridiculous decision made by DB Marina Club and I could not believe that they were going to turn me away, a paying customer, when they had plenty of spaces free.

I argued for 30 mins, then waited 30 mins more. The sun was going down fast, and I didn’t want to have to drive back to Aberdeen in the dark! So I begged some more but they didn’t budge!

Enough was enough, I decided to leave and head back to Aberdeen while I still could in daylight. Fuming at this absolute nonsense, bureaucratic bullshit!! I told them that this would be a very bad PR mistake, but they didn’t seem to care.

So I head back at full speed, burning fuel and time. Upon arriving in Aberdeen, whilst lifting the boat out of the water, I receive a call from Tracey. She had just received a call from DB Marina saying that I could now stay……….too late by a long while!

Maybe drop them a line if you think they were out of order.

The whole issue cost us over 5 hours in time and $500 in extra fuel as well is not having the safety cover on site until well after 11am.

While everyone else in Hong Kong has been so helpful, Discovery Bay Marina Club went out of their way to hamper and delay the clean up operation. Shocking to think their members are all ocean lovers, yet the club itself cares nothing for the environment!

DB Marina Club, you disgust me!


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