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Winning Battles in the WAR OF THE NURDLES

Well another week has gone whistling by, and each day Sinopec have had teams on the beaches in Chi Ma Wan, doing deep cleaning with the vacuum cleaners in the rocky areas. Reports back have been all positive as we edge forward in our ‘War of the Nurdles’. Closer to home we are seeing real positive results in Discovery Bay where it all began and I finally got to take some “After” shots. Volunteers still continue to hit the beach and spend weekends toiling away, nurdle by nurdle! Met a lovely family today who have brought their kids down so that they can “learn”. From what I have seen over these 6 weeks, the kids are fine and ‘get it’, the youths are educated and switched on, but the adults who are the generation most responsible for the ocean trash have been thin on numbers.

I’ve had many people coming up and saying how admirable it is what we are doing, and what a great job!  “Well thanks for the praise, but it’s as much your mess as it is mine, so shouldn’t you be heading to the beach and do your bit!”

All images © Gary Stokes 2012

Tracey - September 2, 2012 - 2:54 pm

Really great photos Gary! I am so glad you could document everything. Your images are incredible :)
Tracey xx

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