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Sharks on the Roof!! – New Years Day in Hong Kong

Happy New Year from Hong Kong……

Whilst many were likely nursing hangovers, we were checking out a tip off received from a friend. The tropical climate of Hong Kong is often very humid, yet the cool-dry winter days with clear skies are proving irresistible to the shark fin traders, who are using every square inch of roof tops in Hong Kong to dry their evil wares. Here a rooftop in the Kennedy Town district of Hong Kong has thousands of fins strewn out to dry.

With Hong Kong still handling 50% of the worlds supply of shark fins, the shark fin battle seems like it will continue to intensify as more and more people are choosing NOT to eat shark fin soup. Along with 5 star hotels removing the dish, and airline freight bans the Chinese Central Government announced last year that they would also be removing shark fin from all state functions. 2012 saw many states and nations bringing bans into legislation.

2012 also saw the Singaporean, Dr Giam Choo Hoo who is the ‘Alternate Representative for Asia on the CITES Animals Committee’ publicly exposed as also being the representative for both the Singapore and Hong Kong Shark Fin Traders. Dr Giam has been on the inside for 17 years, ensuring that sharks do not get any protection status from CITES [UN Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species]. This exposure has dis-credited him, and he can no longer influence important decisions. We are hoping that he will be put out to pasture, where he can do no further damage. In March 2013 is the CITES CoP16 in Bangkok. Here country delegates will meet to vote on any amendments to the CITES Appendices, sharks and rays are being put forward for consideration.

So here’s to keeping the pressure on the shark fin industry, raising awareness with the shark fin consumers and getting conservation protection for the sharks in 2013……


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