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  • Photography is Art….

    Whether it's cutting edge, striking images for your business enterprises or capturing a special family moment in time, all images are fundamentally pieces of art.
    Every image must first grab your attention and draw in your curiosity, so that you become engaged. This is the aim of the photographer. Once the mind is engaged, the picture begins to tell it's story, and if captured correctly the old adage "a picture tell a thousand words" could not be more true.

    Every image needs to be visually stimulating and appealing to the eye, less is more!

    This is what I strive to deliver every time.

Hawaii Shark Trip 2010

I recently went to Oahu, Hawaii to get some images of “live” sharks for use in a future upcoming Anti-Sharks Fin Soup campaign. The sharks seen here are Galapagos Sharks measuring 6-9ft in length.

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